As Ray Lacrooks release his highly anticipated Mixtape 'TOO SOON TO TELL' he'll like to grant few lucky fans the opportunity to recieve a personal care package. For a chance to win this give away, all you have to do is submit your email below to be entered in the raffle.


Ray LaCrooks, A Minneapolis Native, Is a showcase for the masses; from his raw stupendous lyrics to his versatile style is an attraction to the inevitable. Growing up on the South side of Minneapolis where the underground music scene is an dominant spectrum, Ray found his place in hip-hop music instantly, rapidly becoming a paramount factor and most prestigious emcees, bringing a significant sound within the Mid-west region. In the surroundings with producers, Artists, creative entrepreneurs’ events, a young Ray was privileged with having the understanding of the music profession and the access to the technicalities of music in advance, regionally establishing a foundation, brand, collecting revenue from shows, features and digital sales. Although things may seem given, Life wasn't procured legitimately as the family tree was filled with misdeeds, drug paraphernalia and trafficking leading ray to take heed and interact with the Livelihood of the family traditions. Although the traditions were fallacious, they did not revise nor blurred Ray's vision for hip-hop, becoming a significant artist and an indelible emcee of his time. Ray invested the traditions of his family, into his music and into himself. enhancing his presence locally and regionally with placements with rising artists Nikko Lafre, Recognition and write ups from HotNewHipHop and performances from local events with Rhyme Sayers, Mike dreams to regional events with Chicago's King Louie and California's Kid Ink and much more. Ray is taking his brand and name to the next level with this anticipated mixtape/EP "Too Soon To Tell" the Southside Minneapolis kid growing up in poverty, yet luxurious living with tales of having the worst to the best of both worlds, dealing with family delinquency, women, friends, culture and livelihood down to the emotions happiness, anger, hatred, lust and love in the artistic ways of poetry/spoken word/hip-hop rap, Co-signed by I Self Divine, Big Quarters, Lioness, Born Into Royalty, and other star factors, Also validated by TheSource.com (The Source Magazine) Ray's "Too Soon To Tell' will debut April 29th. If there were any word I could give to any kid of my stature. Hop off the porch, there's a whole world out there for you. The world is yours.

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